We are excited to introduce the
Georgia Leadership Foundation.

Families across The Peach State will have choices when it comes to the education of their children. By providing scholarships to students who attend a qualified private school, Georgia Leadership Foundation will help create future leaders. Through Georgia’s Student Scholarship Organization Credit (O.C.G.A.  § 20-2A-1 thru § 20-2A-7) program, corporations that owe Georgia corporate income tax or premium tax* can redirect a portion of their entire tax obligation to the Georgia Leadership Foundation, for a 100% credit.

* corporate income tax (75% of annual tax liability) or premium tax (75% of annual tax liability, but credit shall not exceed $1 million)

Our Background

A message from our CEO, Aaron Muth about the new Georgia Leadership Foundation.

Just over ten years ago, we created the Arizona Leadership Foundation committed to empowering
families with choices when it came to the education of their children. From humble beginnings and with incredible corporate champions, we became Arizona’s #1 Corporate Tax Credit Student Tuition



As education continues to evolve, states across the country continue to look for innovative ways to shape future generations. We are proud to play a small role on this journey and are pleased to announce the creation of the Georgia Leadership Foundation.


Again, we want to thank all our Corporate Champions for their years of support. We hope you are willing to explore how together we can provide scholarships to students across the peach state. If you are interested in participating in the corporate income tax credit, please email us at [email protected].

Please check back here in the coming months as the program begins to grow.  Visit arizonaleader.org to see more about the work we have done in Arizona.

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